U is for… Urban Running

Having vowed never to do such a thing, I started running last year because I entered the Cardiff Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest, which is a 10km urban assault course that surely only lunatics would enjoy.

Despite being a prize-winning sprinter at sports day, I became very lazy once I left school (the grunge lifestyle took over at age 16). So lazy, in fact, that my best friend and I once missed a bus after college and waited half an hour for the next one because we chose not to run approximately 30m to catch it in time.

When I started to train last year, I hated running and found it really difficult but I had signed up to the Survival of the Fittest with some colleagues to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, so I was determined to give it a go and not let anyone down. I was surprised how quickly running became easier and even though the assault course was my idea of hell I’m glad I persevered – my team of six raised £795.50.

Mens Health Survival of the Fittest Cardiff

My team helping me over the Wall of Fame at the end of the race!

Now that there are no obstacles to worry about I quite enjoy running around Cardiff; either Roath Park Lake or Bute Park. My friends and I run 5km regularly and I’ve signed up to the Cardiff Half Marathon later this year.

That’s enough about my urban running; here’s the main reason I wanted to write about urban running, courtesy of Vic and Bob. I cried with laughter when I first saw this 🙂


H is for… Hotdogs for Sale!

I love Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. I’m one of those weirdos who randomly quotes them, unable to hold back snorts of laughter while people (with the exception of about six of my family and friends) stare back at me blankly, sometimes sympathetically.

My favourite thing they’ve ever done is the Mulligan and O’Hare promotional videos. For those of you (quite possibly most of you) who have no idea what I’m talking about, Dermot Mulligan and Dermot O’Hare are an angry folk duo. Mulligan has man-boobs. O’Hare has a bad leg and used to have a bald wife, Rose, who left him for the bloke from Allied Carpets.

Without a doubt, the most hilarious song they ever came up with is the second song featured in this promotional video of the album Coffee Break, called Hotdog, what Hotdog?

Hotdogs for sale.

Where? Where?

Hotdogs for sale!

But where? But where? But where?

Over there, by the beefburgers…

If you enjoyed this, I’ve recently discovered that Mulligan and O’Hare are on Facebook.