S is for… Singing in SUPERCHOIR!

For today’s A to Z challenge, I was torn between SUPERCHOIR and my cat, Spike. Spike’s somewhat of a legend and her escapades simply must be documented at some point, but I really want to share the magic of SUPERCHOIR today, so that half-feral, Aussie moggie will have to wait a bit longer for her moment of blog fame.


I am a proud member of SUPERCHOIR and have been since the day it formed, just over two years ago. SUPERCHOIR started out as a Cardiff-based initiative (there’s also a Swansea version) run by Sing and Inspire, who are a wonderful, infectiously happy bunch of musical geniuses. Their vision is to inspire people to make a positive difference. They do what it says on the tin and then some, all through the medium of song!


“Feel amazing, sing fantastic music and network with other, like-minded individuals in a fun, relaxed atmosphere” is how SUPERCHOIR is advertised. While this is indeed an accurate description, it means so much more to me. I wrote an open email last year to Andrea, Director of Sing and Inspire, explaining exactly how I feel about SUPERCHOIR, which you can read on her blog if you have two minutes. If you just want the short version, being part of SUPERCHOIR has changed my life for the better.

Singing makes me passionate, energised and joyful, which can only ever be a good thing and when this is done in a fun environment with a crowd of amazing people the results are magical. We gig quite a lot and have recruited lots of new members over the last two years, people who happened to see us perform and wanted to become part of the magic. People often think that we’re a professional, paid choir when this is actually something we do for fun after work on Wednesdays…

Superchoir, Sing and Inspire

We sang at a wedding on Saturday and I was so excited to be gospel-clapping in a church – it was straight out of Sister Act. We’ve got some flashmobs coming up in the next few weeks which are top secret…

Fancy a sing-along? Here’s a wobbly video of us singing Adele’s Skyfall, at a fundraiser in Porter’s Cardiff last summer:

And our signature song, Jackie Wilson’s Higher and Higher:

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