J is for… Jesse

Isn’t it weird that two of my favourite songs are called Jesse? They’re both rather obscure so I thought I’d feature them here to share and spread the Jesse-love!

The first is by ’90s acid jazz band Mother Earth; a sad yet funky tale of a young girl who is on the wrong path in life. The lyrics are a conversation between Jesse and someone who wants to help. I saw Mother Earth play in Cardiff in around 2005; I got really drunk and cornered Matt Deighton the frontman after their set finished, telling him that I was rubbish at guitar yet I could play Jesse. He did not seem impressed. Have a listen and see what you think.

The second (okay so I’ve taken liberties – it’s spelt Jessie!) is an absolute delight by little-known southern alt-rock band Paw, who unfortunately just missed the grunge boat of success and never became as famous as they should have been. In this song, Jessie is a dog. Who doesn’t like a song about a dog? Words can’t describe how much I love this.

Oh, and here’s another Jesse I love, thrown in for good measure… 🙂

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