E is for… Extreme

I can’t wait ’til July – I’m going to see Extreme performing their Pornograffiti album live and it’s going to be fantastic!

I bought the album on tape when I was twelve; I remember listening to it for the first time on my walkman, on a school coach trip to Paris. I memorised all the lyrics from the inlay card. I had a poster of pretty-boy guitarist Nuno Bettencourt on my bedroom wall and I knew all the More Than Words harmonies. As I got older, I started to appreciate the musicianship of the album in addition to Nuno’s silky, long hair.



At uni, I discovered that my housemates shared an affection for this ’90 funk-rock cheesefest. In later years, it became a staple at house parties; once we were suitably drunk enough, one of us would inevitably find a copy of Pornograffiti and we’d all thrash around the living room to it. We became obsessed with Pat Badger, the solid bassist with the brilliant name, who took time out from rocking to run an alpaca farm…

I saw them perform a few years ago in Newport and they were every bit as OTT and funky as I imagine they would’ve been back in the ’90s. I anticipate that hearing them play Pornograffiti live in it’s entirety will be even better.

If you don’t like what you read here, you know what you can do.

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