C is for… Cefn Onn

I love being outdoors and I’ve been lucky enough to live a stone’s throw away from Cardiff’s Cefn Onn Park (or Parc Cefn Onn if you’re a Welsh speaker) for over seven years. I’ve spent countless weekends exploring the park and beyond, in every imaginable weather condition.

Cefn Onn 1 (640x640)

Cefn Onn was developed by a private landowner over a century ago as his own private gardens but it was sold to the Council in the 1950s. It hosts a beautifully maintained collection of ancient trees, exotic plants (some look like giant, pre-historic venus flytraps!), streams and ponds; I feel so blessed to have it on my doorstep. What I like best about it is all the dogs I meet there; it’s a good spot for dog-walking and even though I don’t have a dog to walk around the park myself, the way other people’s dogs always come up to say hello fills me with joy.

Cefn Onn 3 (640x480)  Cefn Onn 4 (640x640)  Cefn Onn 5 (480x640)

If you follow the path out of the park just before you reach the main pond, you can follow signs for nature trails, the more obvious route being to climb up the mountain to the ridgeway, where you can see Cardiff on one side and Caerphilly on the other. There’s often a herd of cows to greet you at the top, which can also be a joyful experience!

Cefn Onn 6 (640x479)  IMG_1060

If you live in or near Cardiff and fancy a visit, the entrance to Cefn Onn is next to the Old Cottage Pub in Lisvane, near to the Lisvane & Thornhill train station. Click here for a map.



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