The Alphabet

At the end of January, I declared to 200 people that I want to write. This declaration was filmed and can now be found on YouTube. It can be watched by anyone who finds it, or anyone who clicks here.

It’s now two months on. I decided to create a blog a few minutes ago and I also appear to have just signed up to that whole A-to-Z April blogging challenge thing that all the cool bloggers are doing, to start me off in the world of weblogs and writing. Some people have a theme for this challenge; my theme will be writing 26 posts throughout April containing letters of the alphabet, which, if I’m lucky, might resemble words that make sense when read together. I said might

5 thoughts on “The Alphabet

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I had to take the picture down because it wasn’t displaying properly on some versions of Internet Explorer, but it was taken in Cefn Onn Park, the topic of my ‘C’ blog post!

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